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Pandemic Office Protocols

We understand that the SARS-CoV2 pandemic has been difficult on you and your family. At Growing Kids Pediatrics, our desire is to continue to provide health care for your children in a safe and responsible way. Throughout this pandemic, we have learned that our actions affect those around us greatly from a possible exposure standpoint. The decisions you make affect those around you, especially in an office setting. Because of this, we have implemented policies that we believe will protect our patients and staff from unnecessary exposures.

When we confirm your appointment, we will ask several important screening questions. These questions should be answered in a truthful manner. At any given time, we may have immunocompromised patients, newborns, or other at-risk parents or children in our office that we must protect. If you fail to be truthful on any aspect of the screening, then you may be dismissed from our practice.

In our efforts to minimize any risk within our office, we kindly as you to wear a mask upon entry into our building and during the duration of your child’s appointment. Children under 3 years do not need to wear a mask but are encouraged to do so if possible. If you do not have a mask, we have one that you can wear at the appointment.

As all things COVID-19 related changes day to day, our protocols may also change to reflect these changes. We ask for patience and understanding that while these policies seem like an inconvenience, they are necessary.

Well Checks

  • Please call our office upon arrival to let the front desk know you are here.
  • While waiting in the parking lot, please pay attention for one of our staff to call you back.
  • We are limiting one parent per child at checkups over the age of 2 months.
  • We are not allowing siblings during checkup visits.
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Sick Visits/ Consults/ Medication Checks

  • These visits require a telehealth appointment first before being seen at our office.
  • Your child must be present for us to do your appointment as dictated by insurance for telehealth appointments.
  • If the provider feels that updated weight or vitals are needed for a medication check, you will be brought in for those measurements.
  • If your child needs to be examined due to an illness, we will see your child in our attached garage.
  • Please call the front desk when you arrive for your garage appointment and pay attention for our staff to call you into the garage.
  • Our hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. We may elect to have earlier, or later hours depending on need and will alert you to these changes on our Facebook page.